What Grapes Do I have To Use For Making Wine From Home?

To make good wine you will need good grapes/fruits. We will explain you what is important to know

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purple-grapes-553464_640If you start making wine from home you want to produce a good tasting wine after all the effort and money you invest in it. Your wine will only be so good as your grapes/fruits are. So if you use bad and unripe grapes/fruits for making wine it will provide you bad wine. Every winemaker will tell you the same for this. You have to be sure that you material that you are use to make wine is in very good condition. What are this good conditions?

1. Use Ripe Grapes/Fruits

Every time when you make wine from home you should use ripe grapes. That means the grapes have enough sugar and flavors inside. Don't use over-ripen or under-ripen grapes/fruits. If your grapes are under-ripen they will not have enough sugar, flavor but way to much acidity. The same is it for under-ripen grapes. They have to much sugar, the flavors can be destroyed and the acidity is way to low.

If you use this types of grapes you will have much more work with your wine and in the end your wine maybe wont tastes so good. If you use ripe and healthy grapes you will save a ton of work, money, stress and ingredients.

Even if your grapes are ripe, you have to be sure that they are healthy. Don't use rotten grapes for making wine. It will bring germs into your wine and causes off-odors. Throw rotten parts of your grapes away if you find it.

What Does Ripe Mean?

grapes-1139550_640Ripe grapes are tasting balanced in acid and sugar. Good wine grapes should have about 1.075 to 1.090 SG (specific gravity) and a acidity content of 8 to 12 g/L (pH-value between 2,8 to 3,4). This type of grape you will hardly find in supermarkets. You can buy them e.g. directly from a winery if you are living in a wine region. Maybe you have your own vines in your garden? Perfect! Use them!

Supermarket grapes are harvested unripe so they have not enough sugar and to much acidity. These grapes are not intended to make wine. They are intended for eating. This means that they have also not enough flavors like real wine grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, etc.

Our advice to you is: Don't use supermarket grapes for making wine. If you have no other option and you want to start directly with making wine, use a juice concentrate (click) that you can buy in the internet.

Don't use grape juice from the supermarket because most times preservatives are in it. If you want to use supermarket juice you have to be sure that it has no preservatives because otherwise your fermentation will not start...

The best way to make wine is with real, ripe wine grapes. It will make much more fun and in the end you will get a good tasting wine. For practicing you can start with a wine making kit and use a concentrate.

Our next advice to you is to start making wine when you are ready. That means that you have to know exactly what you are doing. For this you can use our wine making video course. After it you know exactly what to do and you can start making your first wine.

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