Is Oxygen My Biggest Enemy?

A lot of home winemaker think that oxygen is the biggest enemy to deal with during making wine. Is this true?

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oxygen in wineOxygen can harm and destroy your wine. So a lot of home winemakers think it is their biggest enemy. But oxygen in wine making isn't that bad as everybody thinks. It's only that bad if way to much of it comes into your wine.

There are 2 more dangerous enemy's in making wine. The first are germs and the second is you. Yes you have read it right. It's you. but before we come to this let's have a look at the germs.

The worst that can happen to your wine it turns into vinegar or get off-odors that you cannot treat. If your wine turns into vinegar you have no chance to turn it back. Your wine is destroyed and you can throw it away or use it as vinegar.

Your biggest enemy in making wine is the acetobacter. It will ruin your whole wine and turn it into vinegar. Also other germs can harm or destroy your wine. To prevent a spoilage of germs you have to use clean and sanitized equipment and enough sulfur. How to use sulfur we will explain you in detail in our video course.

If you don't work with clean and sanitized equipment you can harm your wine very easy. So be sure that everything is clean before you start making something with your wine. That brings us to the second biggest enemy: You..

In most books about making wine you will find that oxygen is the biggest enemy of you. You often find that you have to work very fast so no or less oxygen comes into your wine. But this fast working leads often to mistakes that will harm your wine more than the oxygen itself.
Be calm and work precise.

You don't have to hurry up during racking. Make it with a working speed that fits to you. Maybe ask a friend of you if he can help you with the task.

The second thing about most home winemakers is, that they have no patience. They want to taste their wine directly after fermentation or fill it without stabilization. Making wine is not a process of 1 week and it's done. Making wine needs time. For producing white wine you need at minimum 6 months and for red wine 1 year. So be sure that you are not the biggest enemy of your own wine :)

A little amount of oxygen will not destroy your wine. During fermentation it helps your yeast in growing. In other steps during making wine the free SO2 and lees (settled down yeast) will help you against oxidation.

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