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A lot of people are asking us what they need to make wine. It's depending in which wine you want to produce. Some wines need a acid blend, for example some fruit wines. Normal wine out of fresh, ripe grape don't need a acid blend. If the grapes are overripen you will need a acid blend but in most cases it is not needed. So this basic equipment refers to making wine out of fresh grapes. If you make your wine out of concentrate you don't need everything. So let's look what is needed to make wine out of fresh grapes.

Primary + Secondary Fermenter

You need a (e.g. 6 to 7 gal) primary fermenter and secondary jugs for storage (e.g. 5, 3, 1 gal). Good combinations of jugs: For example you can start main fermentation in a 5 liter carboy and rack after it in a 4,5 liter jug. For second racking you should have another 4 liter jug. Another good combination is a 20 to 25 liter (6 or 7 gal) carboy for primary fermentation and a 19 liter (5 gal), 11 liter (3 gal) and 4 liter (1 gal) jugs. As you can see it's very good to have several sizes of jugs at home. Even if you have enough jugs it's possible that sometimes a excess of wine is left. You don't want to throw it away. Fill it into a 750mL, 500mL, 375mL, etc. wine or plastic bottles and close it with a airlock. You can use this wine for topping after racking.


To protect your wine against oxygen and bugs you should use a bung (rubber cork with drilled hole for the airlock) with a "S" type airlock on it. Don't make balloon wine and use a balloon as airlock. A balloon is not working correctly and you should invest a few bucks for a airlock. Buy it directly with your jugs, so you know that they are fitting.

Racking Cane/Siphon Hose

To get the racking process done you need a racking cane for it. It's very cheap and save you a lot of frustration.

Funnel with Strainer

Sometimes it's easier for transferring the wine with a funnel. A integrated strainer will help you to hold back seed, pulp, etc.


If you want to fill your wine in wine bottles you will need: Wine bottles, Hand or Floor Corker, Corks (buy quality corks), bottle drying tree, shrink capsules.


Fermenting Bag/Nylon Straining Bag/Fruit Press

For pressing the fresh grapes and to get away the pulp the staring bag is a tool. If you have a lot of grapes you should buy a fruit press.


To fill your wine bottles with ease you need a bottle-filler.

Wine Hydrometer with Testing Jar and Acid Testing Kit

For measuring the amount of sugar that is in your juice you will need a wine hydrometer (click). Buy a hydrometer with both specific gravity or Brix and potential alcohol scale. The testing jar (click) is needed to fill the juice in for floating the hydrometer.

If you want to measure the total acid content of your juice and wine you will need a Acid Testing Kit (click).

Advanced Equipment

feinwaageThis equipment you not really need but it would be great if you have it.
Acid Testing Kit -> measure the titratable acid (TA) of your wine
pH Meter/pH Testing Strips -> determine pH-value of your wine
SO2 Testing Kit -> measure total and free SO2 in your wine
Fruit Press and Crusher -> If you have a lot of grapes
Micro Scale -> for the additives
Adhesive Thermometer -> Put it on your fermentation vessel


cheme-zusatzWe explain you the use of additives in our course:

  1. Sugar
  2. potassium sorbate – stop fermentation and stabilize your wine
  3. potassium metabisulfite – Sulfur is essential to make good wine
  4. Yeast
  5. bentonite
  6. calcium carbonate to reduce acid
  7. yeast nutrition
  8. gelatin
  9. pectic enzyme 


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